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About Us

About Us


Our brand PAPIERGE was born from our love to the most amazing invention of the present world – paper. As a small family print house business, we want to introduce youth to one respected tradition.

In this digital age, with tablets and smart phones and computers lauded as the way of the future, why do we have such a yearning for something thousands of years old such as paper?

The fact remains - paper is beautiful. Paper imparts features, emotions and personal attitude that technology simply cannot.

You can touch the gentle curves of a paper greeting card. You can feel texture of the elegant wedding invitation. You can smell the flavor of the romantic love letter. You can hear the cuddling noise from opening beautiful paper gift box. You can see the personal touch in all these memory keepers, especially if they are signed by hand.

The struggle, then, is that digital technology (e.g. software, easily-shareable and editable word documents, flat images) is so useful that we tend to sacrifice the wonder of paper & print design in exchange for the utility of these structured and useable gadgets.

With our decals we try to combine the tradition and technology. To give personality to the modern gadgets.

Our aim is to preserve the emotion, to pass the personal attitude to our kids by introducing them to the wonder world of design & paper. We do not only teach them that imagination has no limits, but give them the opportunity to be unique and show personality.

We all deeply believe in the words: “Paper is personal”

  • Tutto perfetto! è il secondo che prendo, si può applicare inumidendolo oppure a secco, io l ho fatto a secco e ho eliminato le piccole bollicine con uno spillo. è venuto perfetto.
    Maurizio Garipoli, Italy
  • My second decal from papierge. Looks very nice. Like the matt texture! Beatifull work, nicely packaged, easy to apply. Will wait for new designs for new MacBook Pro models.
    Stasys Levulis, Lithuania